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Plásticos Pola is a company committed to the protection of the environment. Based on the idea of ensuring health and safety for our employees and contributors, we are always seeking the development of our suppliers and growth and consolidation for our clients, all these through continuous research, permanent communication and reinforcement of our infrastructure to optimize our operations and processes.

Sustained development, whether economic, political or social, is key to guarantee advancement and positioning of our company.

We are convinced our workplace culture, based on our employees' performance and our effort to achieve the best standards in business, production and research, will allow us to actively participate, and with a leading role, in strengthening our community and improving our environment.

A continuous improvement in our environment-related processes, health and safety guarantee us the possibility to extend benefits beyond our area of influence, by doing so we become a company that is worth it.

That is why in Plásticos Pola we continuously establish even higher goals regarding improvement in our performance and procedures.

Since 1969 we have been experts in fabrication and development of PVC synthetic leather and/or supported or unsupported polyurethane. Our products follow specifications and requirements from different industries and they are present in everyday life. Our service responds to companies' needs. The quality of our manufacture sustains our prestige. From the beginning we have been innovative and dynamic when facing changes, always trying to keep at the forefront with leading technology, and in constant contact with clients and friends.

Five years ago we had the idea of promoting a decisive change: evolve from commodities to develop new technological materials with value added. This transformation was possible thanks to our adaptation to the market and to economy changes, making it possible for us to offer high-quality products.

By linking our quality policies, the optimization of our industrial process and the constant update of design for new materials, plus our close communication with our clients, we have become the best option. We have supplied important companies in the United States for the last 20 years, this has allowed us to build a strong history for our working life and has let us be a company aware of the required specialization, new development, and … with highly competitive pricing. This effort has found recognition through our clients' trust (US clients included) and satisfaction. Their preference and loyalty have been always appreciated.

And we keep going. Nowadays we are entering a new stage of growth and up-dating: we are developing a new appearance, fresher and more dynamic, to simplify search and location within our products' list, as well as a more reliable and more efficient contact with our clients.