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We are aware quality is essential for our work, the projects we develop, our productive process, production and use of materials.

That is why we keep a Quality Management Program within our industrial process and with our suppliers, to guarantee, from raw materials to final products, your total satisfaction.

Quality is made, not supervised. Our efforts focus on all our staff, to achieve synchronized activities that let us guarantee our products and materials are in compliance with international standards.

As part of our procedures, we carry out continuous testings: tension, extension, tearing, abrasion, puncture, flammability, coloring, aging, acidity, adhesion, hydrolysis, permeability, dew, humidity, and dozens of other rigorous tests, to guarantee those final products will outstandingly respond to any design specifications.

Plasticos Pola completely fulfills norms and regulations in:

• ASTM Fire Standards

• ASTM Standards for Electrical Protective Equipment and Occupational Protective Footwear

• ASTM Thermal Insulation; Building and Environmental Acoustics

• ASTM Plastics

• ASTM Electrical insulation

• ASTM Occupational Health and safety; Protective Clothing

• Standards address tear strength, bursting strength, tensile strength, and water absorption and resistance.

And the equivalents for ISO, DIN, NOM and others. As well as Proposition 65 of OEHHA.

Let's not forget our clients' specific requirements.

Products manufactured by Plásticos Pola are free of phthalates, it are also free of heavy metals (Hg, Pb, Cd, Cr, Cu, Ni).

Taking care of the environment is a priority for Plásticos Pola, health and safety are also essential. Our commitment is to a better environment, our activities, policies and procedures respect this.