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Plásticos Pola was founded in 1969, as a response to the constant search to offer the market the latest and high-quality materials, as clients were demanding materials for the production of shoes, purses and bags, luggage, briefcases, planners and agendas, etc. It was a time when globalization was just a written concept, where internal market was much more important and competence was minor. Later, in the 90s, Mexico faced a greater offer of materials and products manufactured with our same line of production. This change and our competitors made us redirect our path.
With an innovative mentality and a vision towards the future, Plásticos Pola has stood out since the beginning as a company with high performance and a high-quality service...
with a permanent and close contact with clients. These are the main reasons why we have been able to develop new products and specific materials to fulfill any need or requirement entrusted to us. Plásticos Pola has always trusted on new technologies and continuous research to create a diverse offer of materials, with characteristics and specifications that let us reach the top in the industrial market in Mexico and the US mainly.

Facing changes and believing in adaptation as our main asset, we started the diversification of markets, trying to broaden our offer, materials and new technologies, plus a new sales strategy, to reach alternative and emerging markets.

As this period of adaptation happened, we developed new product designs, new materials, with new technologies and improving our procedures, just to be competitive in demanding markets. This was a goal reached around 2006. In more recent years, and thanks to an important investment in our facilities, we have remained attentive to markets' sensitivity and mobility, in order to innovate and transform in any possible way.